Teardrop attack – Definition

The Teardrop attack is a very popular Denial-of-Service (DoS) attack. It sends numerous fragmented packets to a victim’s device. Then the receiving device is not able to reassemble so many packets due to a bug in TCP/IP fragmentation reassembly. As a result, the packets overlap with one another, and the victim’s device crashes. Find more details about the Teardrop attack!

MX record explained

The MX record is a fundamental DNS record that specifies how email messages should be routed. The short MX stands for Mail eXchange. This DNS record points to the mail server, which is responsible for receiving emails for the precise domain name. With an MX record, you could put different priority numbers and divide the incoming load among more than one server and provide redundancy. Read more additional information about the DNS MX record!

DMARC record – What is it?

The DMARC record is a DNS TXT record that provides essential instructions for how messages failing email authentication should be handled by mailing servers. DMARC is the short acronym for Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting, and Conformance. It is a very important DNS record because it can prevent some malicious attempts. Learn more details about the DMARC record!